‘It is qua Other that man desires’

March 17, 2008

It is such a a shame for me to have stumbled upon Lacan’s Desire-theory after my major paper. After a bit of sweating, tiring but enjoyable research i managed to find Zizek’s account to Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut concerning Lacan and Desire. These notions could have been a great help, but why?
Partly because, this is a relatively easily applicable notion to the movie, around which it is structured. We have two notions transgressing all the time throughout the film: Dream and Reality. Both are dipped by Desire, which – in Lacanian sense- has to be repressed in order for it to be able to operate. For Freud it seems obvious that whatever is repressed will return. The ping-pong game between Lacan and Freud is umpired by Zizek, who claims:

Lacan’s quip about awakening into reality as an escape from the real encountered in the dream holds more than anywhere apropos of the sexual act itself: we do not dream about fucking when we are not able to do it; we rather fuck in order to escape and stifle the excessive nature of the dream that would otherwise overwhelm us. For Lacan, the ultimate ethical task is that of the true awakening: not only from sleep, but from the spell of fantasy which controls us even more when we are awake.



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