‘Why do we need (Hyper)Bolagrams?’

March 23, 2008

Bolagram is an acronym of BOundary Language diaGRAM, which is also defined by the lines of :a diagram-aide for parsing the complex, “Möbius strip-like” relationships that characterize spatial, psychological, architectural, cultural, narrative, and artistic relationships.

With the help of it i will be trying to conceptualize a psychological and cultural realtionship between the structural system of ‘A Scanner Darkly’ and its layers, concerning the topics of:

– where is the surplus/objet a?

-Can the notion of ‘Substance D’ cover the line between C-C’?

-Can the ‘Camera’ serve both the function of intra-diegetic gaze and ‘ij’?

– where does B vanish, replacing itself with the Ah-ha Erlebnis?



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