B.E.E Movie – An Encounter with the ‘Uncanny’

March 27, 2008

Okay, i won’t give a summary -although it is in the book review category,why?(because there has to be some kind of an analysis going on here)- of Bret Easton Ellis’ Lunar Park for three reasons:

1, There are professionals in the blogsphere, who have been writing on a more sophisticated level concerning books

2, if interested,you are going to read the book anyway

3, it is not the story that matter to me right now.

what matters to me is that in the novel Ellis is definitely haunted by the past and thus is faced with certain changes in his life. His homely home becomes unhomely as its shape keeps on getting the shape of the house he had lived in as a child. Plus, his dead father comes back creepily ‘One of those[sic!] Nights‘. His ruckus-causing novel, American Psycho also contributes to the ‘party’,namely that its hero Pat Bateman makes his appearance in the book.

This would be enough to gross one out, but Ellis does not stop here. He introduces a Furby-like creature that plans to kill them, or does it? This partial object -just like the figure of the returned Father- is also governed by what Donald Kunze says:

“What we can’t see, experience, know, etc. is converted into something specifically prohibited to us, an irrational law denying us access.”

Where can this general sense of Uncanny be originated from? This Uncanny, that presides over Ellis’ world? According to Anthony Vidler:

“…the uncanny emerged in the late nineteenth century as a special case of the many modern diseases, from phobias to neuroses, variously described …as a distancing from reality forced by reality… Its symptoms included spatial fear, leading to paralysis of movement, and temporal fear, leading to historical amnesia.”

I wonder what delayed the adaption of the novel, but we may be able to watch Lunar Park in 2009.


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