Lost Season 1 – Done!

March 30, 2008

I did not follow the Hungarian airing of ‘Lost’ on purpose. And i tell you why not. The episodes- which were, of course, designed individually to have their climax at their endings- are intersected by ads of cars, dehydrated powders and other health-concerned products, which , I believe, kills the show. So what can one do? One should wait for the DVD release to catch the ‘Lost’-experience, a craze that aggressively advertised itself a few months ago.

Needless to say, these shipwrecked people must have something to hide. Nobody wants to see Mrs.Smiths and John Does wandering about an island, so clever producers, writers and whoevers built us a fairly constructed story, which, I believe lays on three main components(so far).

1, There is the secrecy of the individuals- app. 14 stories- that show the past of the people.Other minor characters may be added to serve as a kind of refreshment to the main storyline.(Let me refer to Rousseau, a french woman who has been living on that island for 16 years- ‘Back to Nature, huh?’ Veeeery funny!)

2, There is the sphere of the ‘uncannies’ of the island: You wouldn’t expect a freakin’ polar bear comin’ right at you, would you. Not to mention, the Black Rock or the Smoke that caught Locke, who couldn’t contemplate about the situation for too long.

3, And of course the major issue, the pack of obvious questions: Where are they? What is this island? And why did they not show more of Evangeline, like she having a real shower, not just in swimsuit?

These all constitute to the ‘Lost’ experience of the 1st season, which I entitle as ‘clean series’, because every sweat patch is meticulously designed and no curse words leave the mouths of the people, which,I strongly believe again, would be impossible.


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