LOST in transition[ sic! ]

April 1, 2008

With my basic knowledge of the chiasmus (i.e. no knowing at all) I’ve already summarized the three main pillars on which the series ’Lost’ is based. After reading Donald Kunze’s summary on labyrinths, (’the labyrinth and its sorrows’) I found the term chiasmus, which is:

…nearly ubiquitous wherever surprises and suspense are required.’

The three main parts – concerning ’Time’ or Time structures – are the following:

Theory                                                                                  in ’Lost’

1, the venatic (main action line)                                        happenings on the island, involving the marks of Uncanniness and                                                                                                    mysteries

2, forensic (the sub-plot’s backwards form of time)     the pasts of the characters

3, festal (action and/or chase scenes)                              all the adventurous elements



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