3 Albums – a new category

April 19, 2008

I am presenting 3 albums-picked by the very spur of the moment – to be listened to at least once. Knowing my current flow within the musical realm, there will mainly be less heard musicians, groups or individuals of the sooo enthralling and complex field of indie music, but i will be trying to touch upon classic albums as well.

so today’s favs:

1. MGMT – Oracular Spectacular

When two art students met up at Wesleyan University, it sometimes resulted a digestible electro-indie (often referred as indietronic) album.For me, the album’s peakpoint is Kids, with the catchy main tune.

2. The Kooks – Konk

If we want to judge bands according to some top10- top 20-shit (we don’t) then these guys ‘imploded’ (hunglish) with their song Naive from their previous album Inside In/Inside Out in 2006 and have been on their way to gain more and more international fame with their new album, the weirdo-sounding Konk. I partly agree with Comfort Comes’ review, but I also wanna balance the negative judgement by two facts: 1, i chose this album to be here on this list-cause Naive was so cool and 2, the track Do You Wanna kicks ass.

3. Bullet for My Valentine – Scream ,Aim and Fire

Nowadays I consider them to be the best rock(?) group in the whole wide world. The question mark here implies a strong categorization problem for the band,as they have been referred as emo,screamo, simple metal and metalcore but there ‘s been no adequate labelling. But who the hell cares? BFMV is currently the most original band, but be aware!, if they have found their tones, could we avoid labelling them as a band with no musical renewal? (the answer is we can ,because they are simply too good…)


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