Paranoia, Knowledge and Art- part 2.

April 20, 2008

As we see the inversion of perspectives in Dalí’s Le jeu lugubre we can also ‘experience’ the ‘normal’ POV. (i.e what we see) The very idea of changing perspectives is what we find in the notion of anamorphosis. It engages the variety of alterations of the visible,or to put it simply, it is an altered viewpoint. The famous example of this is Hans Holbein’s Ambassadors. In the middle of the painting there is a seemingly unidentifiable ‘patch’, which only grants recognition by being viewed at an anamorphistic POV.

If viewed from the appropriate angle we can see a skull.

Only with the help of various perspectives can we integrate our notion of reality, but the question is, which perspective is real?


4 Responses to “Paranoia, Knowledge and Art- part 2.”

  1. emmmmma Says:

    check this out: Telek Balázs is a contemporary photographer who is a huge fan of anamorph pictures, his works (which are usually very big, often life-sized) are very impressive and can be visited in Budapest..

  2. kelemenzsolt Says:

    I’ve checked the guy, and I am glad that this is another manifestation of merging anamorphosis and art into one. Thank you 4 the link!

  3. Dragon Z. Says:

    Oh, and don’t forget to check out the work of another Hungarian artist:

  4. […] the role of the Skull pt.1 Posted in Lacan, theory by kelemenzsolt on the June 22, 2008 In a previous post, the skull as an anamorphic object was seen in the painting of Hans Holbein, called The […]

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