3 albums

April 24, 2008

1. Kalmah – Black Waltz

These guys represent the Melodic Death Metal as such and this is how they interpret it. Basically, they are for metalheads, but their ‘One from the stands’ can be a pleasurable auditive experience.

2. Kings of Convenience – Riot on an empty street

They were among the first bands who introduced me to the world of indie music. They are calmly indulging and are a perfect tool, if you just got home with your girlfriend after a summer rain and THAT bottle of red wine awaits for you.

3. Nick Cave – Dig, Lazarus Dig!!!

I did not spend so much time with Mr. Cave yet, but his new album is quite well-made,especially, if you think of my new favourite (Lie Down Here (& Be My Girl)),which reminds me -thematic-wise- of the classic Neil Diamond song(Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon). Even if it’s a faster song, it represents what this song foresees: THAT should be uproarious, emotional and as he said: ‘ let it all come down tonight’


3 Responses to “3 albums”

  1. emmmmma Says:

    I miss THAT from your review of the Kalman album :).

    by the way, interesting associations 😉

  2. kelemenzsolt Says:

    well, if you did listen to that song, you probably know that it’s not gonna work for THAT:D

  3. emmmmma Says:

    well, THAT is history for me, but if I recollect my memories, the songs might work.. 🙂

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