‘We ain’t got no phone in this town’ – SPOILER

April 30, 2008

In the new South Park Episode, I found two interesting notions. One is that – of course -that the village of 1864, where Garrison takes his(not hers,anymore) class represents a  classic example of Gated Communities(more later) that has relevance not only to the issue of city-within-the-city but also to its cultural imprtance. As a dozen of science-fiction writers have been (yes, Dick was also inoculated with this idea) inspired by the idea of ‘what if there are prop-like objects around us.’

The other notion was -again- inspired by the people of the Village of 1864, who never break character. It reminds me of the Althusserian Ideological Interpellation, as a form of interpellation that -if I am not mistaken- comes after the Lacanian Mirror Stage. According to Althusser, if the ideology ‘interpellates’ us (i.e the ideological apparatus addresses you as a subject) and we react, our answer will bear our acceptance to that certain ideology. In our case, the villagers mustn’t break from their roles, no matter what. This gets even funnier, when the terrorists arrive, and the villagers do not stop being villagers. They don’t destroy the ideological system around them,they accept it as they have already been adressed.

Needless to say, as the terrorist attack is over (with some lethal results) and their shift is over, they do break character and go to eat out.


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