Klosterman gets to the point…again

May 3, 2008

In one of my previous posts, I dealt with the possible structure of the series, ‘Lost’. Well, to my surprise, Mr Klosterman also finds the structural renewal of the show that took place with the very beginning of the 4th Season.

Well, the thing is that we got used to the flashbacks during the first three seasons, so what we have here in the 4th season is ,right, flashforwards. We see what is going to happen, of course

He alleges -in a very funny way, what if the actor who plays Sayid wants twice as much money as what his contract says. He doesn’t get, so what’s ABC gonna do about? They already howed us what’s gonna happen, so they can’t possibly write him off the script. Or in a much more mrbide sense, what if one of the actors suffers a car accident?

Damn, he’s right.Again.


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