Uncanny Photography

May 4, 2008

If I take a look at a photo I want to to know why it was taken and/or modified. No, I do not mean what the photographer might have seen then and there, I am more interested in the why?

Why do people keen on mixing horror/altered sights or disturbing ideas with photography? Does it have to do with trying to get public attention, or do they sublimate their inners onto the picture with the help of their cam?

Our first guest is called Joshua Hoffine, who uses ‘Jungian power of cliché’ and loves the way Stanley Kubrick used his cam lenses. more->

The second guy is whose photos involve ‘models’ in unusual settings and situation. more->

Jenni Tapanila has a perverted way of making photographs. Issues of her involve Violence, Fetish and Dead Series. more->

Our finalist is Darren Almond, who makes photos of landscapes by night and modifies the pictures as if it had been taken during daytime. I shall refer to this method as a Photographical Nocturnal Myopia. PNM involves the medical meaning of the word, generating a sense of uncanny.


One Response to “Uncanny Photography”

  1. nezsike Says:

    Jenni Tapanila also has a blog and btw, I love her work, a lot of times she catches exactly what i would want to see in a person’s eyes/moves/actions or in certain situations, i think shes brilliant!

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