3 songs – 07/05/2008

May 7, 2008

1. Of Montreal – The Past Is a Grotesque Animal

How do you mix Geroge Bataille, a swedish festival and fear projection? The answer is : you simply write this song. que?

oh, and from the lyrics:

“the mousey girl screams violence, violence
the mousey girl screams violence
she gets hysterical
’cause they’re both so mean
and it’s my favorite scene
oh, the cruelty so predictable
makes you sad on the stage”

Reference to Edward Albee’s play Who’s Afriad of Virginia Woolf. Honey, the mousey character, does scream “Violence! Violence!” at a point in the play when George and Martha are at each others throats.

2. John Mayer: Bold as Love

This Hendrix cover kicks some ass; you have to listen to it.

3. The Libertines – The Man Who Would Be King

This song is a reflection to Kipling’s short story, as the songwriters Peter Doherty and Carl Barat are huge Kipling-fans.Cool.


2 Responses to “3 songs – 07/05/2008”

  1. nezsike Says:

    this is what you are: que, kicks some ass, cool.
    a detailed description of the wonder of kelemenzsolt 🙂

  2. Spirit--- Says:

    “Úú man, hallod!” oltanak:D:P

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