3 songs – 12/05/2008

May 12, 2008

1.Zagar – Wings of Love

I found this track during my usual music session (i.e at dawns) and it was immediately judged to be a song the name of which should be mentioned here. Fairly transcendental tunes, which are nicely elevated with the help of the girl choir.

2. Ludovico Einaudi – I Giorni

The relative of a former Italian president has done quite a fabulous job: his piano-technique is more than relaxing,this is why it is highly recommended: if you area a pianist, or not: this music mustn’t be avoided.

3. Michel Petrucciani – September 2

Still piano: the late pianist genius summons the fancy world of endless and snobbish parties.


3 Responses to “3 songs – 12/05/2008”

  1. nezsike Says:

    Did u know that Underground Divas (Zagar worked w them on Wings of love) includes goddesses like Németh Juci (former Anima singer), Péterfy Bori (remember, I told u about her when she performed in JATE), Hódosi Enikó (member of Neo), Kuczora Edina (she’s Yonderboi’s singer), Sena (half Ghanaian, half Hungarian hip-hop singer) and Judie Jay (apparently, she greatly contributes to the Hungarian electronic scene)?
    I mean … combining those voices was a straight road to success …

    And the piano songs … well, you know my opinion 🙂

  2. kelemenzsolt Says:

    Well, this is quite a summary of those ladies.no, i did not know this .thank you:D

  3. emmmmmma Says:

    those ladies rock, and actually they can be considered as competitiors in the field of music, but – as the lyrics say – they stick together, and the words of the lyrics really gain Meaning

    “With our answers unsaid
    We will walk hand in hand
    We wont talk we wont cry
    we ll be just sharing whats left of us”

    sorry (my keyboard is giving up…)

    (btw after8?)

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