Sentences as examples of SWs

May 16, 2008

Generally, meaning comes to ‘life’ in the same way as our muscles on our faces generate the smile,i.e it is undefinable, but can be realized, observed. I would like to ‘sign’ this process with Square Wave sign.

You might be able to get a clearer knowledge of this phenomenon, if you kindly recall the famous example of the rabbit-duck illusion:

You either see a duck OR a rabbit, there is no in-between version of an animal. The animal you ‘want’ to see is totally dependant on your conscious. You interpret a sentence according to a similar idea. You create meaning out of the sentence. Okay, this has not been that interesting so far…But then again, if the meaning of the signifiers change from sentences to sentences, how can we define words? If we believed Lacan’s dictionary-theory (in the dictionary each word leads you to another world providing a quasi endless list),well, then we must admit,we’d suck.

I had a thought-provoking conversation with one of my teachers. Our topic was that the language can only be enhanced up to 99%,because if we’d like to make it perfect, we would anchor them to a certain meaning. What would this cause? Well, basically whole disciplines would become extincted, such as literature,cause nobody would understand why a woman is a red rose…


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