A Bug’s Life – in a Kafkanian Sense

May 18, 2008

As Kafka’s Metamorphosis alleges Gregor Samsa finds himself being a bug in the morning. In a New York Times article (which req’d registration, so here is where i found this) it is stated that Kafka did have a neighbour who suffered from what is called Entomological Dysplasia, a mental disorder that kind of holds delusional beliefs for the person concerning his very identity. I find this phenomenon very similar to what we’ve seen in Scanner Darkly, where Bob Arctor seems to have a phase of seeing others as bugs.


2 Responses to “A Bug’s Life – in a Kafkanian Sense”

  1. nezsike Says:

    except that entomological dysplasia is a condition if I’m not mistaken, and Bob Arctor is a junkie who hallucinates.
    isn’t that a big difference?

  2. kelemenzsolt Says:

    Yes, you are right.Although,Im wondering how Arctor could have seen himself, if he saw the others as bug…I mean it is no doubt Arctor is just hallucinating,but still….

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