The Constructed Hysteria and the role of the Skull pt.2

June 22, 2008

The answer is simple and has to do with numbers: 3 and 27. Holbein finished his painting for the very date of April 11, 1533, which was Good Friday, a day when Jesus was crucifixed, some 1500 years earlier. Although, Isaac Newton dated the crucifixion of Christ on April 3, AD 33. At his death, Christ was 33 years old.

Allegedly, the height of the sun above the horizon was 27 degree on Good Friday, in London, in 1533. This is the exact angle from which the view on Holbein’s painting stops conceiling the patch, forming it into a skull. Moreover, the date 1533 is also hysterical (500+500+500+33), and anabaptist prophet Melchior Hoffman dated Apocalypse for that year. On the paintings we can observe the prevalence of the number 27.(we can see Jesus crucified,for example)

And I did not talk about the role of Kratzer, Selve, Dinteville, The Bible Code, the ‘message’..etc.

May I Suggest the making of the movie Holbein Code?


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