Impossible Nostalgia

July 18, 2008

I’ve always been a huge fan of 1950’s and 1970’s America. No matter in what respect (movie, music, photos or other cultural manifestations), if I find some related stuff to this particular era, I am delighted.

My devotion began with the Pee Wee movies, Roy Orbison songs (not from the 50s, but I didn’t know at that time) and lately Time Out Of Joint (TOOJ) by Philip K. Dick a.k.a PKD.

So when one of my favourite “brains” – along with Seth MacFarlane and Johnny Knoxville – J.J Abrams (you know Lost, Cloverfield and Fringe) admitted that one of his favourite websites concentrates on this period of the century, I was not surprised at all.

It is worth checking this – I believe, self-ironic- webpage, called Secret Fun Spot .

Why is this post referring to an ‘impossible’ nostalgia? Because I never have/had the possibility to live in the 1950s(nor in the 70’s) (not to mention the geographical distance ) to remember for the “good, old times”.


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