Wonka Waz (Iz) Here..

July 18, 2008

First of all, it has to be laid down that I’ve always been living in a block of flats. This fact shouldn’t surprise anyone. What it should imply to you is that this sort of socialist-like branch of architectural manifestos make me contemplate about how the designers of the past wanted to invigorate our block-environment.

Little green fields (filled with stubs and dog shit) and parks (used needles and condoms) were meant to emit warmth and love.


What do I love about this environment? To tell you the truth, nothing. Still, I was surprised when I saw the newly-designed sweet shop(is it called sweet shop? seems awkward to me) that had been installed in the middle of the blockery (trademarked term)

At first sight it is as if you are in one of the rooms of Wonka’s Chocolate Empire, colorful, lovely and extremely designed sweets.

Finally, if you decide to have a cake here, you sit by the window – let here be a reminder you are in a colorful room- and take a look at the greyish socialist blockery, which might take away your appetite.


8 Responses to “Wonka Waz (Iz) Here..”

  1. zsuzsi Says:

    I love that place … it takes you to a whole other world, universe, atmosphere. You enter and you find yourself in a fairy tale.
    And you know I hate sweets … but in that place even I can always find something to my liking!

  2. kelemenzsolt Says:

    Yeah, I was also surprised that this quasi (post)modern place can actually exist in this part of the city..I did not mean to imply that this was a baad idea,not at all. On the contrary, it was a brave business-plan to materialize and it’s worth the effort!

  3. emmmmma Says:

    so, maybe i could fail my academic reading test, but WHERE can this room be seen? 🙂

  4. kelemenzsolt Says:

    You didn’t fail anything as its location was not mentioned for security reasons. No, seriously,it’s in Budapest.
    The point was to emphasize the contrast between the blockery and the Wonka-like environment.

  5. zsuzsi Says:

    I totally got the point, didn’t mean to imply that I felt negative vibes from your post.
    Anyone who gets the chance should go take a look (and a taste) for themselves.

  6. kelemenzsolt Says:

    Actually, you’re right not to misunderstand my comment. My reply was a bit murky, the second part of my comment was meant to be the awkward continuation of the post.

  7. tucsi Says:

    magyarok angolul fujjogják a hazait…ennél nagyobb csavart….

  8. kelemenzsolt Says:

    szia kedves tucsi,

    1, egészen pontosan hol “fujjogják” a “magyarok” a “hazait”?(miért a többes szám?)
    2, az angol nyelv pedig…magyar ember csak magyarul blogolhat?
    3, köszönöm,hogy szánsz időt a blogomra!

    szép napot:)

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