Fleet Foxes

August 2, 2008

I’ve just realized how much i needed the music of Fleet Foxes. Why am i saying this? I only know them for, like 10 minutes (including watching a tour video and listening two incredibly moving songs), but it suddenly hit me that these guys are really fond of their music- which would not be considered as stylish, fabulous or classy nowadays. They paid their studio-works all by themselves, their first ‘tour’ was recorded because they’d bought a camera themselves (not to mention the tourin van). The Appalachian folkish – classic rock genre ushered me into the realm of a unique kind of genre.
What you must (I command YOU to) listen to is ‘White Winter Hymnal’

“The band didn’t leave town to record Fleet Foxes, yet it sounds like it could have been recorded anywhere in the United States– Austin, Minneapolis, Chicago, Brooklyn, Louisville, or more likely some clearing in the woods. That placelessness constitutes an active effacement, considering that Seattle has been a locus for alternative music for nearly two decades.”


Keep up the good work, Fleet Foxes!


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