Lost Season 2 Done!

August 15, 2008

Well,well, it’s been a long time since I wrote here. It might have been due to the intense watching of Lost Season 2. Bearing in mind that the 5th Season only airs in January,2009, I’m taking my time. Here it is: I’ve been told how little knwoledge one can have after seeing Season 2, I still have ideas, concerning these twenty-something episodes.(the construction of which is only available by the help of my friend, who is so enthusiastic about the show) Anyway, as I been talking about realities- this is what preoccupies me – I noticed something. I might be wrong, though. If everyone sees hallucinations, which are all centered around one’s own trauma, there could be some neurotic gas lingering around- as it has been mentioned: there was a gas, we find out it’s just theatricality to affray Desmond for example. But if that is the case, how come Eko and Charlie share their realities?


The situation is what the beforementioned friend thinks: if you find a solution, or an interpretation it unlocks three more questions.

IMPORTANT: Matthew Fox (Jack) is fond of indie music, just like my favourite Arcade Fire and Sígur Rós.


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