Subliminal Trauma and the Phantom

September 11, 2008

The creator and master of Dragonweb showed me a caféteria, where he introduced the notion of Phantom and the concept of Subliminal Trauma to me. Well, I don’t know how confident this project should be treated but it really grasped my attention. What came to my mind is that the mechanism of the notion of ST correlates to the lacanian sinthome, where, simultaneously , there is something at the same time there isn’t. The very core of our existence is there, but we cannot grasp that. One might be reminded here of some sort of a poststructuralist way of interpreting this lacanian formula, still, what I want to emphasize as a parallel feature that is, there is a trauma (that had been secretly decoded into our mind), which is unknown to us. (Further corrections might be needed, indeed!)

But the ultimacy -questionwise- is the following: if a previously alienated trauma gets integrated and has effects on us, can’t we say that the situation is more complex? Namely, this is the work of the phantom, reminding us of traumatic past experiences.


2 Responses to “Subliminal Trauma and the Phantom”

  1. Dragon Z. Says:

    First: no liminality included, no subliminal thereore. Unconscious – that’s what it is. As for the sinthome vs. phantom: while both are “unknowns”, the sinthome is more us than ourselves, the phantomatic trauma is completely not-us, it’s completely (shall I say, Absolutely 😉 ) alien to us, we can receive it unwittingly, inherit it from previous generations. You’ll never inherit a sinthome that way. The working mechanism behind the two is different here I guess. So yes, the situation is more complex and calls for an absolutely subliminal (dis)solution… 😉

  2. kelemenzsolt Says:

    And it is also quite shocking to think about: what could happen if a son of a cryptophore from a concentration camp (I use it in an Abrahamian sense-I also hope, properly) after the Second World War happened to meet his father’s/mother’s abuser on the streets of, say, Berlin.

    1000$ question: the sinthome is more us than ourselves, you said. Is this because there is more self-awareness in “ourselves”, and since we are unable to find out our sinthome, self-awareness of any kind is impossible?

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