The Metaphyisics of Dick’s reality and Reality

September 13, 2008

To what extent can we label Dick’s fictions as science-fiction? As my inquiry is growing concerning Dr. Bloodmoney, I have to admit those events in the novel are much more real, than lots of documentaries.(and my previous PKD readings also support this statement) I mean, when a character meets the lacanian Real (in Time out of Joint), is a phocomelus (in  Dr. Bloodmoney) or has been put into the state of a process similar to what we call cryogenics. After all, are these issues not realistic? What’s more, the psychic depiction of the surrounding world  of a character brings us closer to a more human -and thus subjective -interpretation.

Tough and thought-provoking as it may sound, but Dick must have been in the know that certain anti-nausea drugs, that – if had been prescribed to a pregant woman – could cause phocomelia (Holt-Oram Syndrome).

The worlds, in which PKD put his characters, are created so unreal sometimes that (using the Möbius- “interface”) this extremity could also mean reality at the same time. The reference of Dr. Bloodmoney to reality could be that at that time the fear of the Cold War and the numerous guessings about the rocketeering of the Soviet Union were lingering in the air, so Dick did nothing else but foreshadowed a “what if…?”-idea and simply wrote it down. (This is what the trilogy in South Park deal with: some external force make us scared..etc.)


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