Shyamalan’s The Happening: The Attack of the Greens

September 20, 2008

It wasn’t that big success as it had been wanted. Moreover, the movie does not answer its central question of how the toxic stops. Anyway, throughout the movie we are strongly reminded of Shyamalan’s environmental awareness and environmental-ethics.


Through an easily graspable allegory,Mr. Moore (Mark Wahlberg) teaches his students about CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder), which is about the sudden disappearance of the bees, the situation in which they stop functioning as a colony. Speculative assumptions have been made on the possible causes of the phenomenon. Among these suggestions were: GMOs, climate change, malnutrition, electromagnetic radiation or pesticides(one of which, imidacloprid has been modeled after nicotine). Well, here we might have a strong critique of the humankind, and the lack of its nature-awareness. Explicitly, in the classroom we have Einstein’s famous saying on the bees and the beginning of a Robert Frost epigram,called the “Waspish”, which satirizes the human kind as “Poor egotist, he has no way of knowing”.












He also criticizes our population by other visualities: as Los Angeles Times’ Carina Chocano witfully remarks:

“they pass a sign advertising the McMansion development that reads “You Deserve This!” implying that our absurd materialism will lead to our destruction. And no doubt it will and we do. But at this point we also deserve a better movie about it.”

The sign:


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