Uncanny Sculptures: Ron Mueck

September 20, 2008

The Australian-born hyperrealist sculptor’s career did not start with his sculptors. He used to work in the media as a model maker for children’s films, then photographed babies, made contribution to other movies, but his career crystallized in sculptures.

His high-detailed sculptures have caused ruckus all over the world, which is easily understandable, if we take a look at his creations. One of his most disturbing sculptures is his life-sized representation of his dead father (naked).

His works are sometimes smaller or bigger than objects and people in reality, and sometimes are on the threshold of abjection. Abjection is the term for something that gives you disturbance, fear with abhorrance. Usual, everyday examples of abjection could be hair, blood, semen or vomit, etc.





Mueck’s portrayals are unsettingly (hyper)real, as the followin video shows this:


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