Uncanny Encounter with Mankind on 14 October

October 14, 2008

In the past few days, I’ve encountered numerous articles on blogs and forums that announced an alien-coming today. As I’ve also heard there were many people awake waiting for the chance to witness the visitors. The name of the Aliens is Galactic Federation of Light , which we get to know from a seer (my humblest apologies, if the title is, even a bit, amateur).

But let’s contemplate a bit. These uncannily repetitive births of uttered news about us being visited must have functions. A function of evoking belief in wanna-believers, who don’t need the énoncé, who are perfectly satisfied with the énonciation (enunciation). These lacanian concepts, which Jacques-Alain Miller talks about mean the following: as defined by Zsolt Farkas, énonciation is the act of enunciation, while énoncé is the subject of enunciation. As Miller says in his writing, ‘Extimity’:

“Lacan studied to prove […] the presence of the subject of the enunciation does not need the presence of the énoncé

Although, he talks about a bomb scare, we can easily transfer this mechanism to the beforesaid scare as well. If all this is viewed from a rartional perspective how can we allege that the seer (apologies, if..etc.) succesfully master the message from the aliens? Of course I don’t want to get into the numbering of the  logical flaws it arises, still- as Miller concludes with the bomb scare (as a reply to a woman, who started to shout, saying the bomb can blow upany moment):

“Of course, but identifying with the bomb may not be the best way to get out of such a situation”

that is, even if we are to meet some kind of an alien-life form, we should not let ourselves be fooled with what we are not sure of. Or just ask questions: why do the aliens talk in English/to an English-speaking woman? Yet again, it is not simple to avoid warnings, moreover, if these are of uncanny nature. As Nicholas Royle puts it:

“Interestingly, it makes no difference here whetherwe are talking about something [uncanny] in a bookor something in the so-called outside world. The uncanny is not so much in the text we are reading: rather, it is like a foreign body within ourselves”

As a conclusion, my opinion is that being a foreign body within ourselves grants us no control over it, thus we cannot be sure the effect of such a craze it would make on someone (not to talk about when the guy WANTS to believe). Lastly, I’d like to interpret what the aliens warn us about:

“[they] come in LOVE to help us and our planet move to a new Higher Vibration of Love.”


3 Responses to “Uncanny Encounter with Mankind on 14 October”

  1. nezsi Says:

    I’ve never quite been able to grasp the essence of the whole alien craze. I mean, for me aliens have never been “subjects of uncanny”, as I’ve never had the slightest doubt about their non-existence. Obviuosly, believing in something and what’s more, WANTING to believe in something as you wrote, has great power over the – let’s say – sanity of a person.
    Don’t get me wrong, I totally agree with Royle. Uncanny can take all shapes and sizes depending on the person.
    So, what’s my point? I have no idea, I felt I had to comment! 🙂

  2. kelemenzsolt Says:

    The point is that taking the existence of aliens granted in advance is not uncanny (in this respect), because you already imagine them somehow and mght feel safe talking about them. But the point when you actually meet them, that might be a crucial encounter and a fatal recognition for you.(i.e your safe imagination fails you )

    anyhow, there should not be a point of commenting, so thank you!

  3. nezsike Says:

    wait, i totally got ur point in the first place. i’m just saying that i so strongly ‘disbelieve’ in aliens, that i can’t even start thinking about what would happen if i was actually facing one.
    weird subject.

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