Coldplay LIVE!

October 15, 2008

As there was no alien encounter yesterday, I feel encouraged to write some thoughts on the Coldplay concert, we’ve been to. Being my first concert experience, I had had huge expectations, which, to tell the truth got fulfilled.

The special guest of the night was Albert Hammond Jr. with his mediocre indie-rock songs, BUT as they played the song, “In Transit“, they became all ok with me. Plus, they knew this night wouldn’t be about them(“Ya waiting for Coldplay?”). Correct.

If I was to compile a Coldplay’s Best Of, I would choose the tracklist of this concert. Immense amount of energy have been put into this tour, and it didn’t occur to me this was at the end of their tour. Of course, Coldplay is sometimes labeled as cheesy, sappy and U2-ish, but as long as they have cool songs, too, who cares?

Won’t get into details on how Chris Martin was singing laughing, how all people in my sector jump as one to the sound of ‘Viva La Vida’, how the whole stadium was waving and how millions of colorful confettis fell under, how ‘The Scientist’ sounded acoustic, how Will Champion sang his song, how ‘Talk’ and ‘God put…’ were merged into one song with the help of electronica; it’d take way too much time.

Thank You Coldplay!


One Response to “Coldplay LIVE!”

  1. Shivya Says:

    It really was the best concert ever 😀 I’m still high on it!

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