November 24, 2008

Polyauterism has finally been presented (the handout can be downloaded here: handout-polyauterism_97_2003.) under my name, so I shall talk about it online as well. The core idea is rather simple: it kind of undermines the rigid method of auteur-structuralism of the 1960s by talking about the multi-presence of several auteurs. By developing the Kaelian idea further(i.e Pauline Kael’s talking about more than one auteur, who might be other that the director himself), we reached to the point of polyauterism.

The undermining aspect of the auteur-structuralism is crysallized or rather exemplified in the last Kubrick-movie: Eyes Wide Shut (1999). The movie, due to Kubrick’s sudden death, was not revised totally .(i.e in its post-production). The signs of the auteur-director were eked out by the aura of the former celebrity couple, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise. In this case, there is a tripartite auteur-structure, on which I will elaborate on later.


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