Digital Theory and New Media – The Medium 2.0

December 25, 2008

medium2drugsOne of the most creative and inspiring course I have taken so far, dealt with Digital Theory and the New Media. Innovatively, this course has a website, where all the students could upload his/her project.

Well, as Lev Manovich showed us in his texts, there are a vast number of agents of New Media that can be either portbale ones (extensions, like cells,PDAs, etc) or can be examples of intelligent hardwares “built into” intelligent or augmented spaces. (Think of Microsoft’s interactive table, the Surface.)

The whole New Media -as far as my interpretation is concerned- is based on the idea of the inter-, hypertextuality that connects all the agents, devices and gadgets. So I thought I try to create a model for it in the form of a PowerPoint presentation to represent the idea of New Media.

This project is called The Medium 2.0, a show, which, in its very pure, almost puritan form, has links and references to websites, plus provides some infos on the New Media.


3 Responses to “Digital Theory and New Media – The Medium 2.0”

  1. Dragon Z. Says:

    Perhaps you could try this mashup and pull Medium to the web for the masses 😉

  2. Dragon Z. Says:

    Although that’s with pdf… nonetheless, you could give it a go…

  3. kelemenzsolt Says:

    i converted it to pdf, so it’s gonna be published soon..i’m just fighting with the beta version, but it’s gonna be okay!thank You!

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