Danny Boyle’s Sunshine (2007) – Getting close to the Real…

January 5, 2009

… might destroy you. The Sun is here can be the Sublime object or the representation of the Real with its inaccesible boundaries. If we talk about a piece of art that represents the Real (just like Žižek talks about the representation of the Real in Malevich’s painting Black Square), in this example of Danny Boyle’s Sunshine we can observe the Sun as an llustration of the Real. The space (not just the “the boundless regions of the infinite”) is man-proof and nobody can transgress it.29
As for Sun’s sublimity: the philosophic al notion of Sublime almost always involves one meeting Nature. The feeling, when standing on the top of a hill one takes a look around and suddenly feels terror and beauty at the same time. The Sun is a perfect example of the Sublime object: it is beautiful to look at and it is lethal.
Psychoanalysis is really skeptic about religion. According to Jürgen Braungardt:
God is an almost necessary response to the lack in the Other. God represents an (imaginary) closure for the lack. Heaven becomes a place of jouissance which is as such inaccessible for the subject. The belief in the reality of heaven reconciles the subject with the existence in an imperfect world.
There is a crew member of Icarus-1, namely captain Pinbacker, whose strong belief is that he has to stop the mission of reigniting the Sun at all cost, no matter if his mates die, because in this way he can be the last man who can meet God.sunshine
Following the logic of Braungardt; we can see that if we change the buzzword, heaven, to meeting God, we see that the situation is the same: Pinbacker is slave of his joussaince that is ahead of him, all he has to do is eliminate everyone around him.
There is a message in the movie: don’t wish too much joussaince for yourself, or you’ll end up either in madness or you’ll just die.


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