February 23, 2009

image232Talking about the notion of adaptation is a helluva thing to do. At least this is what I learnt from one of my previou courses I had on Film Adaptation. Anyway, this was the topic of last week’s event, which was held at REÖK.
We had the chance to see Dragon Zoltán (Institute of Amercan Studies, SZTE), Dettre Gábor (director) and Balogh Bálint (head of the Szobaszínház), discussing the beforementioned issue. Although, thousands of books have already been written on adaptation, I must say that this “marriage” (á la Robert Stam) is almost impossible to fulfill the utopistic vision of perfect adaptation. This is because there are obstacles originated by the otherness of each genre. No film can envision my previous reading experience, that is why it will never happen. I mean the perfect adaptation.

The forum was not successful concerning the original topic, maybe because the guests analyzed the topic from numerous POVs and the time was not enough? (Nope, my inner sarcastic self says this was because it is impossible to talk about adaptation. So what the fuss.)


3 Responses to “Adaptation@REÖK”

  1. Dragon Z. Says:

    Nice. Empty. Chairs. 🙂 Seems like we’ve sent off the audieence for a walk while we figured out that we cannot talk about adaptation… 🙂

    in fact we could have – but, yes, the discussion moved in various directions. which doesn’t mean that it’s “impossible to talk about adaptation,” though. I think.

  2. kelemenzsolt Says:

    I wanted them to move away so that I could take this photo:)
    Yes, maybe it was a too-hasty observation, but i thought of the talking of the essence of the adaptation, by which i mean the setting up the perfect method of transferring and putting the “text” into a whole new medium.

    viva la T. Williams!:) (and Streetcar Named Desire adaptation, as well!)

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