Transhumanism or Posthumanism?

March 1, 2009

Philip K. Dick – as we are advancing in time – is more likely to be seen as  a visionary, or someone with great imagination. A recent reading of mine Dr. Bloodmoney includes the character of Hoppy Harrington, who suffers from focomelia, a congenital disorder affecting the limbs. Now the story revolves around an atomic catastrophe, which divides the book into a pre- and a postatomic part. In the second part of the book Hoppy manages to boost his physical abilities by incorporating mechnical devices into his biological body, which results in a transhuman body. The transhuman body is everything that can enhance your natural (God-given?) abilities.

Transhumanism, as a concept, does exist in contemporary science oand philosophy. The H+Magazine deals with this concept and the provide digital editions of their journals. An issue of their magazines can be downloaded by clicking on the mag cover.


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