Donnie Darko & his incompossible worlds

June 1, 2009

When I re-watched Richard Kelly’s 2001 cult movie, Donnie Darko, the movie was more compelling, than the time I last saw it, which was..hmm..some 8 years ago. Anyhow, the question is still lingering around:  Isn’t Donnie Darko the visual representation of he logic of Borge’s  The Garden of Forking Paths (1941)? I took a seminar on Digital Theory and quite interestingly this concept of  “the garden”is what many dynamic medium use ( or we can say that even the Internet itself is what the intertextuality per se). To escape from general assumptions, let me reflect on the incompossible worlds, which is a groundbreaking idea in the history of cinema, yet, we are unable to accomplish to entirely visualize this idea. (and some parts of me say, we will never be able to do so). Deleuze’s and Leibnitz’s approach to the notion of free will and predestination could be used in New Cinema, as well.book8

David Norman Rodowick in his “Deleuze’s Time Machines”, talks about the possibility of a naval battle to illustrate the notion of imcompossible worlds, but I found a better example:

Think of a machine that can take you back in time August 2001 and you warn the authorities what is gonna happen in September. The chain of events will justify you (let’s just skip the scenario, when thorough investigation will be made to clarify your innocence, i.e how the hell did you know this information) and finally the attach does not take place. Mission accomplished, now, you wanna get back where you freakin came from. But that place is a place where 2001 doesn’t take place, a totally new space. What happens to you? Where you came the attach did take place, therefore that place does not exist anymore! Because of you have changed the entire history of the world (not just yours!) your action induced-theoretically-an alternative reality, where the WTC stands and one where it doesn’t. This theory is stemming from quantum theory, where EVERYTHING is possible. These two places is what I see to be  an example of the incompossible worlds. This highly adoptable theoretization belongs to Keith Mayes, thanks to him!

Now as time travel is in the game- which is one of the central themes of the movie -it is high time to talk the fictitious book of Roberta Sparrow’s “The Philosophy of Time Travel”. The book -along with Hawking’s “A Brief History of Time”- refers to the Einstein- Rosen Bridge Theory. It discusses a quite astonishing question, concerning free will. From some characters’ navel area a jelly-like lightning comes out, designating his path.  Donnie, being able to see this can question his own free will or what God pre-decided for us.

Donnie Darko provides the possibility for presenting two alternative worlds for the viewers, the idea of which could be a useful and feasible for New Cinema.


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