The guiding f(l)ame: Lady Gaga at the drive-in

October 31, 2009

I want to make some notes on Naught Thought’s post on Lady Gaga, concerning the always maddening and always mad nature of fame.PArtly because, I have been preparing for a post dedicated to LG, and because I saw her upcoming album’s cover.

Lady Gaga has been a success to producers; and since downloading statistics are recorded, LG’s “Pokerface” (or “F*ck her face”, as some would hear it in the chorus) has been No 1. song that’s been downloaded.

“Pop (my note: and maybe fame) ate my heart […] like a beautiful monster” –as she confesses , resulting in her, being a grudge-like figure on her upcoming album’s cover, entitled: ‘Fame Monster’

Her faming ‘death’ , or murder symbolizes the two sides of the Lacanian curse: ‘Be careful what you wish for!’ The drive for fame -as all drives in the Lacanian sense-is destructive, a death drive as LG’s new album cover implies. In this situation, the masochistic approach to drives , e.g drives circulate around a goal, changes from ‘making oneself to be seen’ to ”making oneself to be seen -dead.’ (more info: The Circuit of the Drive ) This is the point of  recent interest of LG, as she said:

Gaga further explained that she was obsessed with monster movies then and “I’m kind of obsessing over the decay of the celebrity and the way that fame is a monster in society! That’s what my new record is about, so it was kind of a perfect fit.




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